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We’ve heard from many of you who have struggled with emotional health issues that you were inspired by the stories of other people who had survived the pain and moved forward. We want to help share those inspiring, real stories with our viewers, so that more people know they aren’t alone and that they can make it through the tough times.

MTV, the people who brought you “Coming Out” and “It Gets Better,” is teaming up with the big think media company SoulPancake, and The Jed Foundation for the mental health awareness project “Don’t Give Up: There’s Always Hope.” This docu-special will profile individuals who are back from the brink and whose stories demonstrate the power of fighting hopelessness and getting help.

We are currently seeking individuals nationwide who are at least the age of 18, and who have dealt with severe depression, hopelessness, self-harm or thoughts of suicide, and found the courage to face and overcome their challenges. Share your personal experiences on this important television special in hopes of reaching others who need the message.

If you would like to share your story, email your name, age, and contact info to AlwaysHope@EpicJunction.com